map of crime rates in the lower mainland

April 2016 update: This is my most popular post. The multiple-city map has data from 2014, the latest available from Canada’s Uniform Crime Reporting Survey. The map further down of crime in the City of Surrey has more recent data (Q3 2015) and I should probably update that one.

Post: I tried some new mapping software (Fusion Tables) to make it prettier, and came up with this (criminal code offenses per 1000 people in 2014):

crime-statisticscrime rates lower mainland 2014Surrey’s not the worst, which is nice. Speaking of Surrey, I made a map of Surrey, too, using Surrey RCMP data. It’s not comparable to the above data, so don’t think the colors mean the same thing…they’re just relative crime rates. But it’s interesting anyway. Newton takes a lot of heat for being full of crime, but from these data, Whalley/City Centre is pretty dreadful, crime wise (shown are property crimes on left and violent crimes on right).

It’s too bad we can’t get finer detail with this…actually, for some crimes I think we can, on COSMOS. That’ll just have to simmer for awhile, though.

If you’re in Grandview Heights and want to see crime in your local area, check out this link:


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