Huge developments slashing trees on 168th St and 16th Ave

A few times a week we have to drive by this development. They’ve finished clearcutting the trees; now they’re chipping them into enormous piles of…chippings. I haven’t been able to get pictures, but it’s painful. And it’s happening all over, as urbanization expands eastward along 24th Ave and southward. Thousands of trees get cut down, and in the new developments, there’s little room for new trees to grow. (By the way, where will the children go to school? All the schools are overcrowded. The streets? 16th is sometimes a lineup of cars all the way from Hwy 15 to King George. Amazing.)

I have over 2000 planning documents to input into spreadsheets. I have no time to do it. If you want to volunteer entering data, put in a comment and I’ll be happy to contact you!

Considering the patterns I’ve found lately of developments being allowed to consider only building coverage, not total lot coverage, we can expect these developments to have very little space for new trees to grow. Remember, this is a temperate rainforest. All the increased runoff, with little or no land to absorb it, will be very hard on salmon-bearing streams.


Application #15-0084-00: OCP amendment from “Suburban” to “Urban”; Partial NCP Amendment from “Suburban Residential (1-2 ups)”, “Suburban Transitional (2-4 upa)”, and “Urban Transitional (up to 8 upa)” to “Low Density Residential (6-10 upa)” as well as to accommodate a modified road pattern and relocation of drainage swales; Rezoning from RA to RF-12; Development Variance Permit to allow subdivision into 104 single family lots and one remainder portion.


Application #16-0191-00: To permit the development of 25 residential lots.


Application #14-0282-00: OCP amendment from suburban to commercial; LAP amendment from commercial/business park and habitat preservation area to commercial; rezoning from RA to C-8; subdivision from 9 to 4 lots; development permit for a 22.791 sqm retail and office centre; development variance permit to vary front, rear and sideboard setbacks.


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