Canopy cover estimates before and after development

I’ve read in some articles lately that canopy cover is a great way to tell how green a city is. Urban areas in NE USA have an average of about 34% canopy cover. I couldn’t find canopy cover data for Surrey, but I was really curious to see how developments measured up.

Loss in canopy cover

The townhouse complex I measured (Glenmore) lost 62.4% canopy cover, going from 18.9% canopy to 7.1%. For the single family homes I chose an area that had a treed space (about 9% of the total area). It lost 73.2% canopy cover since it was a forest before it was developed.

Glenmore before and after
NE of Vinterra
NE of Vinterra (26b &162) with treed space

(These are estimates — I circled trees, using Photoshop and used pixel counts to estimate % cover)


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