Neighborhood Plan

All the clearcutting of the forests here was approved in 2005 as a Neighborhood Concept Plan. Wow. I don’t think it was easy to do – it took three public meetings, and I bet people got fatigued. Plus, the pretty little green areas make it look like there are some parks. Image


The presentations were full of little things that would appease people and make them think it would be okay, like this pretty picture:


If you’re losing work time going to community meetings that take hours, you’d probably agree to something like this.



and this makes you think there will actually be some environmental area to need a buffer:


Here’s how the planners add natural features — an excerpt from the plans for Wills Brook Townhouses, going up north of the school (this would never get into a neighborhood plan):

what a buffer really looks like


Here’s what a street looked like in the neighborhood plan:


This picture is simply deceiving — “cluster housing” is full of green grass and trees instead of high-density townhouses, which is what would probably really be there.

Here’s what a street really looks like:

what a street really looks lke

There aren’t any pictures of townhouses in the neighborhood concept plan, of course.

I don’t think the neighbors approved of these developments because they had no idea what clearcutting thousands of trees would look like in real life. The plan is deceiving.

In reality, the developments look like this:


Nothing like was presented in the NCP.

There aren’t any good parks, either. Here’s the only completed section of the new developments. I live here, so I know what it’s like. There’s one public walking area and a small playground. For the thousands of people moving in, they aren’t planning any walking parks, or public washrooms for children to use instead of bushes (yes it happens all the time — what can they do, pee in the stroller?).


I’m sure the residents didn’t want it to look like this. Look at this development for contrast (from Semiahmoo) where there are public parks that are really nice and fun:

larger view of brookswood area

So can we petition to go back to the NCP and revise it? Or do we just fight one development at a time? What do you do when things don’t go as planned almost a decade ago? I really don’t know what to do about this. It seems so very wrong, but what do we do?

Meanwhile, contact the City Council, please.

One more thought…one of my family just moved to a new apartment (not in Canada). Here’s what her area looks like. I think this is what residents here wanted, judging from the images presented in the NCP:

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.35.04 AM





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