A forest isn’t just trees

My daughter told me she saw an owl by the school the other day. I’ve seen hawks and eagles there regularly. There’s so much more to a forest than just trees. I admit I’m a plant-lover, but I really enjoy seeing animals too. There are a lot of animals in a mature forest. This is probably a secondary growth forest, but it has more habitat than a townhouse development. I’m all for development, by the way, I just think we need to consider what people like to see. Lots of people like to see wild animals and birds and remnants of mature forest nearby. It makes them feel happy and peaceful. Let’s leave a little more of it for ourselves.

Wills Creek Townhomes (North of school)

Surrey does a great job of surveying trees, it looks like. They counted all the mature trees on the site and here’s what’ll happen:

Species                    Found       Retain     Remove

  • Bigleaf maple                  6                 0          6
  • Bitter cherry                   1                  0          1
  • Black cottonwood      36               0          36
  • Black walnut                   1                 0          1
  • Douglas fir                      1                  0          1
  • Paper birch                    10                0          10
  • Red alder                        110              0          119
  • Western hemlock      1                   0          1
  • Western redcedar     17                 2          15
  • Total                                  192              2          190

These will be replaced with:

  • Vine Maple                16
  • Autumn Blaze Maple 27
  • Katsura Tree                         16
  • Green Ash                              8
  • Kobushi Magnolia                 14
  • Snow Goose Cherry              15
  • Columnar Sargent Cherry      26
  • Chanticleer Flowering Pear   46
  • Japanese Stewartia               12
  • Japanese Snowbell                12
  • Fragrant Snowbell                  8
  • Eastern Hemlock                    6



Preliminary investigations — Wills Brook okay, the rest of the trees will go

Pages from plans for south of the schoolNorth of the school will be Wills Brook Townhomes. It looks like Wills Brook is the name of the area to the east of the school. I’m glad it’s labeled as a vegetated area. Unfortunately, according to the development plans( http://surrey.ca/bylawsandcouncillibrary/PLR_7913-0089-00.pdf ) 192 trees will be cut down north of the school, two cedars will be saved, and 226 replacement trees will be planted.

But that’s the problem, isn’t it? Replacing trees that you cut down is a great thing, and I’m all for it. But the ambiance is completely different, you have to agree. Compare this highland by southridge

to this

More townhouses all around


and you see what I mean. I want them to leave a corridor of natural area around the new townhouses.

But since I missed ALL reading for this proposal, I probably won’t have much say in it. It took me awhile to find all this information, too. If only I’d’ve known earlier! Well, even back in February when they had the final reading at City Council, it would’ve been hard for me to catch up on everything enough to suggest some changes. All I can do is now document the changes as they happen.

I’m also going to try to lay out good information about future developments in another blog, and expose what they’re going to look like, and when people can have their say.


People need forests too