Watershed stuff

Before you read this, I’ll place a cautionary notice that some may find this post a little, um, environmental. Some people don’t like that.

The main question I have is, how do we purify the water that runs off cars (soap, tar, other chemicals) and lawns (fertilizer, pesticides)?

Here are some pictures that offer a few methods.

We could filter it through leaves, sticks, plant roots, and soil:

A clearing through the forest north of Sunnyside, that will be cut down
Forest floor north of Sunnyside

Or we could filter it through stuff we put down that helps filter water, like bark mulch:

Cedar bark mulch by some planted trees
Cedar bark mulch by some planted trees

Or we could let it run across hard gravel:

Packed gravel and dirt where the big machines go

Or maybe we could build this instead:

A nearby townhouse complex built around 2010
My townhouse complex, also built around 2010


This specialized surface has built-in drainage that takes the water right to the fish, and it’s helpfully labeled: “Leads to fish habitat, do not pollute Surrey.”


or this one:



This is bound to work (sarcasm).

In their defense, I hope this actually leads to a settling pond or something instead of actually leading right to fish habitat. But it looks like I’m wrong http://www.surrey.ca/community/3442.aspx.

“In  urban environments, catch basins (or storm drains) collect water runoff from roads, parking lots and industrial developments. This water flows directly into Surrey streams untreated.

This runoff is untreated and often contains harmful contaminants that can damage fish and their habitats. The yellow fish you see painted by these storm drains reminds us that we put only rain down the storm drain.”

Ahhhh, good information. Good to know. Thanks.




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